Dates for Winter Rhapsody 2011 - 2012


When will the dates be up for the Winter Rhapsody 2011 - 2012 tours???

Thanks! ;D


Hey snowman,

The winter program normally comes out in the last quarter of the year. I’d recommend that you start checking our website from October onwards.

Topdeck Team


I’m trying to plan my trip now, so october is way too late :(. Are the dates for Winter Rhapsody really not going to be up until October even though the other winter program dates are up? Is there any way to at least see last years dates and prices?

Thank you!


I agree with snowman. I want to plan my trip now but as I can’t book in a tour now with Top Deck, i’m planning on booking with another tour company instead.

Furthermore, HOW are we meant to be eligible for the early bird payment discount??


Hi guys,

If you would like further information on our winter program, please contact the Topdeck reservations team (your local number can be found on the website

Our reservations staff will be able to answer your enquiries.