Data Usage


Hi everyone!

So I am booked to go on the Summer Fun and Sailing tour this July, and I am a little worried about the amount of data we get on the bus. I know this is a total first world problem, but im wondering how much is 600gb really? Since we spend a lot of time on the bus, iMessage would be good to have.

Thanks heaps!!


600 GB (Gigabyte) is a huge amount of data. I’m wondering too about 600GB data…??


Oh no I meant 600mb… that’s not very much :((


I did a 28 day tour last year and it was only 500mb for each device so if you have more devices you get that for each. Most people used it in the first few days. You spend lots of time on the bus but you will probably be sleeping, watching movies etc. almost all accommodation has free wifi :slight_smile:


Hey! I did that tour last year :slight_smile: my wifi was used like within the first 4 days :joy: The tip would be to get a uk SIM card with good data… a friend of mine got a 3 SIM card and she had data almost everywhere on the tour. Except a few countries…
Most long driving days I would download movies on my iPad in the hotel wifi and then I could watch them on the coach!! Any other questions you have about the tour, feel free to ask! :slight_smile:


I did a 28-day Grand European, and the data won’t last more than a few days haha. However, the bus journey is best used to simply catch up on sleep, as you will be SO busy exploring and having fun, combined with the early-ish starts, you won’t sleep too long in the hostels etc - so its best to crash on the coach. However, if you get a UK SIM, you should be able to get a good data package for cheap!


The data allowance is pretty low - but if you’re just using it for messaging you should be fine. Start using it to upload vids, pics, or watch youtube etc and it’ll be gone in a few days like other have suggested.

If you’re tech savvy you can change the device IP of your phone or laptop to trick the wifi system into thinking its a different device. On some devices that’s as simple as renewing the wifi lease with a few clicks of the button.

Things to remember as others have said - most hotels have good reliable wifi for free - use that for downloading and uploading anything big. Also, you can get a month pre-paid sim with 12gb of data for about $50AUD (mid 2017) which is a small price to pay for connectivity in almost every euro country when compared to the total cost of your trip.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: