Damn you Eyjafjallajökull!


Has anyones trip been affected by this? Whats the deal?
I’m suppose to fly out this Sunday, so I’m really hoping I still get to. I assume once your flights are cancelled it will be almost impossible to get on another flight soon after because of the back log people wanting to do the same. xx(


You should see if you can fly into France or Spain and the take Eurotrain to London. I am thinking of doing this. I really dont think that London airport will open anytime soon, there’s more ash coming their way :frowning:


I’m leaving on Sunday aswell!
But yeah I think they’ll cancel all flights till next week.
My tour is 1st May an I think I have to change to another one :frowning: :frowning:
Waited all this time, saved all my money and this had to happen.
Good timing indeed


It’s awful! I really hope things get back to normal very soon! We all want to get to our Tours!! :’(


I’m not supposed to fly to London until May 2nd but I’m still really nervous. I don’t want to have to change my flights and don’t know if I can because of the time I’ve already booked off work. So stressful just waiting.


I fly out on May 15th to Heathrow. Pretty nervous. Trying to think when the latest possible time to change a flight would be! I am flexable about leaving earlier if it means making the tour. Hope everyone’s trip works out! =/


Im meant to be flying into Heathrow on the 1st of may but the reports I am getting in nz are saying that the backlog here wont be cleared until at least the 10th. im definetly considering changing my tour which just guts me, like all of you have worked and saved hard for the trip of a lifetime only for everything to just turn to custard!!! hope everything works out for us all


BBC just announced that London airports are opening at 2200 BMT (in one hour). Hopefully they can start getting things on track and cleared up in a week so we can all get to our trips! I’ve never been so glad that something is starting to come towards Canada!


Also heard winds are chaning to SW meaning it will blow the ash away from UK and any new eruptions won’t go near Uk which sounds promising. I am due to fly out in a week surely it will be sorted by then…your killing me eyiowehfiqickjsdncssncaisjdncl volcano!


This volcano stuff makes me shake my fist in the sky lol…

But I have closely been watching the news and it still seems promising i think…
Send good vibes. I fly out the 29th and I’m hoping that it doesn’t get cancelled. You’d think that since they are losing 200 million $ a day they’d figure out something…


I’m so nervous now…I’m due to fly out this Saturday 24th April to London. I’m really praying that the ash cloud will disperse more by then… I don’t want to miss this opportunity to go to Europe but I also don’t want the plane I’m on to come dropping down from the sky either… :’(


My friend and I were supposed to fly out yesterday (April 20th). Went to the airport in the morning to be told “NO” but advised to go back in the afternoon because we may have been able to get another flight depending on Heathrow’s status. Trudged all the way back in to be denied again. Then I wake up today and Heathrow is open!!! Grrr… We were supposed to be doing the European Pioneer starting 22nd April but had to be removed from it. We aren’t able to get flights until the 5th May now because of the backlog of people… We are now doing the Discover Europe tour on 11th May… Despite the stress and uncertainty it’s all working out now… could be better but it will be ok. Every cloud (or volcano!) has a silver lining :slight_smile:

Also for those of you already booked on flights that are open, don’t worry about the backlog of people. If you are booked on your flight and it’s going ahead you won’t be kicked off it :slight_smile: You’re very lucky you booked your flight when you did!


Hi Guys

Please check out our latest update with regards to the recent European Flight Disruptions:


I hope you all make it over to start your trips!

Best of luck!

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