Czech Mate October 2016


Anyone doing the Czech mate tour departing October 26, 2016?


Hi from Brazil, James!
Well, I’m thinking about Czech Mate…but also have Winter Waltz that is the same countries, but it’s cheaper!

Good trip to us!!


Camila Pimentel.


I am! I’m Beth, from Manchester UK :slight_smile: are you booked onto it?


Hi Beth. Yes , I booked it a couple of months ago, I’m from Queensland Australia!


Nice one! You used Topdeck before? I went to Iceland with them in February and had a brilliant time :smiley:


No it’ll be my first time , I go to Iceland actually after this tour!


They’re really good trust me :slight_smile: Iceland is amazing too! Going back myself next year. Would definitely recommend going in winter if you can… the northern lights are something else!