Czech Mate 2009


Is anyone going on the 11/10-11/17 above mentioned trip? [br][br]Barbara[br]USA


Is anyone going on this? The trip is full.[br][br]B


Hi bsd, I’m going but earlier dates. I’m leaving 30 sept - 6 Oct and will be arriving in Prague the day before. Anyone else?


Please reply if you are going on this trip. Would like to know someone else before I go. Will be traveling alone.[br]B:)


Hi everyone,[br][br]I have 8 more weeks until my trip and not heard of anyone else on this one. Please reply to this post if you are going in November or any other time on this trip. Would love to hear your experience with Topdeck.[br][br]Thanks,[br]B


Hi drew,[br][br]Please let me know how the trip went. I still don’t know anyone else that will be on mine.[br][br]B


4.5 more weeks to go. Anyone else coming?


3 more weeks to go. Anyone else coming?


I guess i will meet everyone on 11/11.


I had a great time on my tour. However, no Americans were on this tour except me. All Aussies and New Z. on the tour obsessed with American culture.[br][br]


Hi Everyone![br][br]I had a great time on my tour and cant find anyone on Facebook that took it with me. HELP! I am trying to get in touch with these people.[br][br]Barbara