Current Weather/Temperature in Europe - April 2011


Hi Everyone,

Just wondering if anybody would be able to tell what the weather is like in Europe at the moment? I know its getting into Spring…but Im sure our Spring (Australia) is much different to the European, so not the best giude.

Anybody able to advise me?

Sarah ;D


Can’t help you but would love to know this as well!


I have been looking and it looks like they are having above average temps for spring. I was packing for between 10 and 15 degree but most countries are cracking tops of in the 20’s but low minimum temps too. Florencee this week is expecting mid 20’s.
Off to reassess packing options. Haha



Im currently in London and the weather is up and down! It was really nice all last week, like…15deg, then the weekend was miserable and rainy, then Monday/Tuesday was alright…still abit cloudy, but today was amazing…got to about 22deg which is rare for this time of the year!! I was walking around in a singlet and light jeans, but ive had under 10deg for the last 4 months, to go over 15deg is amazing and everyone is out sunbaking! haha.

It depends how much you feel the cold, i would say pack mostly shorts but maybe a pair of jeans for nighttime/incase its rainy cold…same with shirts…but i dont think youll need a heavy jacket! unneeded weight in your bag!! =]


Ummm thats cold to me. It was 20 deg in Newcastle Australia today and I am in jeans and a jacket. Um…I dont know what to do anymore :frowning:


In my defence (cuz I sound like a princess now lol) it was raining and yucky lol


Hi Everyone,

At the moment we are having above average temps for spring, like Trace said. In Northern Europe (Sweden, Norway) it’s between 10 and 15 degree. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland we have between 20 and 25 degree. In Southern Europe (Spain, Italy) the temperature was even reaching 30 degree.

Hope I could help you with this.