Hi guys, leaving for my trip soon :slight_smile: Just wondering about what currency/s to take - Im going to Eastern Europe mainly and Im not sure whether I can use Euros everywhere or if I should get specific currencies for Czech Rep, Poland, and Hungary. Do they accept Euros there, widely or not at all? What do you guys suggest?


Hey Lauren,
Which trip are you on?

Cz. Republic has the Koruny (Crown), Poland the Zlotych and Hungary the Forint. Euros may be accepted as payment in some countries outside of the ‘Eurozone’ area, otherwise you will need to use local currency or credit/debit cards for purchases.

It is usually possible to exchange money to local currency after arriving in the country, and the easiest way is to make a withdrawal from a local ATM.

Hope this helps - other travellers might have some more tips…

Topdeck Team


I’m on the Eastern Spirit, leaving July 6th! Have a Travelex/cash passport card but that only has Euros on it so will make a plan :slight_smile: Thanks!