Currencies- Russian Revelations


Hello everyone. [br]My name is Peter and I am an Australian booked in for the Russian Revelations tour that leaves Aug06, 2006- it goes to Russia, Estonia, Poland, Germany and Byelorussia. I know that Germany will accept Euros, however does anyone know (going or past tours or tour operators) if the other countries accept Euros or that if I need specific currencies for the these countries? I have a credit card, however dont like the thought of relying on it in for instance Russia, and having no local or accepted currency. The phone operators at Todeck dont seem to know.[br]Any feedback would be great![br]Thanks[br]Peter.


Hey Peter[br]im going on the same tour… unfortunately we’re going to need 5 different currencies! Estonia use krooni, russia = rubles, belarus = bel ruble, poland = zloty and germany use euros. im not sure if the others will accept euros, but i doubt it… im gonna get some of each currency before i leave and change some there if need be. i think most importantly you should get some estonian currency as thats were we’re going to land and you might need to get a cab or something…![br][br]hope i was helpfull[br]see you on the tour![br]Saleema:)