Croatian Sailing Split to Dubrovnik


Hi Im doing to Split to Dubronik Sailing Trip in August 2011. Me and bf are going to be travelling for 3 months and are taking suitcases about 70 x 40 x 25cm each. Any know if these will be ok? or to big for the cabins?

Also booked below cabin but still thinking about maybe changing to above. Heard below is better from people noise but worse for engine noise? Would below get to hot in Summer? Is it worth the extra for above given only planning on sleeping there?


Hi Jodz,

My hubby and I are doing Croatian Sailing as well, we have booked it through sail croatia direct though. We are both taking large backpacks, we dont really have a choice as we are away from home backpacking for 10 months, im sure we will manage but I have been told they are VERY tight.

As for the cabin, we have gone for an above deck cabin. I am very chlostrophobic (sorry about the horific spelling!!!) and I have been told that you hear a lot of noise in the bottom cabins. Also sorry for the too much info, but my hubby is a spewer if he’s had a bit to drink…I dont need to paint the picture there!!!


Hi guys,

I’m doing Split to Dubrovnik starting on 6 August this year. I got a below deck cabin, but have been told since booking that it gets humid below deck and is a little noisy with the boat’s motors. If you leave your cabin door open though you might get a draft of air conditioning from the captain’s cabin. I’m banking on this!

Apparently the above deck cabins have now filled up for August 2011 on most of the boats :frowning:
From talking to friends that have done the cruise, backpacks are much more convenient with the limited space in the cabins. Probably going with that.

Not long to go!


Hey guys I’m doing the Dubrovnik to Dubrovnik sailing trip in August as part of my trip, I will be in London before heading to Croatia so I’m leaving my main suitcase in the luggage storage at clink and taking an overnight bag on the boat, not sure if this will work for you but its a possible option anyway