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Hi i was planing on going on Croatian sailing sometime, just wondering for people who have already been on it before, in the information pack it says to bring soft bags for ur luggage. how particular are they about this? did people bring normal luggage bags?[br][br]xox[br][br]European Odyssey '09


Yep, ppl brought whatever bags they wanted. They park the boats side by side most of the time n its a pain walking through other boats to get to ur boat. I would suggest something easy to carry n pack light cos its only an 8 day trip. [br][br][br]-------------------------------------------------------------------------[br][br]Summer Fun n Sailing July 24th - Aug 18th[br][br]Ibiza[br]Aug 19th - Aug 25th[br][br]Croatia Sailing Stoncica[br]Sep 5th - Sep 12th[br][br]Decker Oktoberfest[br]Sep 14th - Sep 21st


Hi Guys,[br][br]Agree with Euge: please pack very light if possible and soft bags are just easier to handle (imagine lugging your suitcase across 4-5 boats…). You will not need much as far as clothing is concerned.[br][br]Happy travels![br][br]Anita


Hi Admin and previous Croatia Sailing Vets

I am backpacking through Europe for 3mths and the Croatia Sailing is in the middle of my travels.

Does anyone have any recommendtions about where I can store my larger backpack for the duration of the trip? It’ll weigh no more than 20kilos.



Hi Amelia

I went backpacking around Europe for 3 months and just took my backpack with me on my Croatia Sailing trip. I packed pretty light so it wasn’t a problem but I do remember there were storage facilities along the harbour. There is a line of shops, internet cafes etc to the left of the bus terminal (located right next to the harbour) and there are some storage facilities located there.

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