Croatian Riviera Split to Split (Vapor) August 20th 2016


Hey guys! Solo traveller from Sydney, Australia, 23! :blush:
Booked this Croatian sail split to split (Vapor) starting 20th August 2016. Looking for some fellow travellers who are also on this trip!


Oh your on the week prior to me and my mates, we are doing the same boat but 27th til sep 3. From Melbourne 26.


Oh awesome! I’ll be doing a contiki trip from the 31st July to the 14th of August prior to this. What are your plans? Can’t wait for this


land in split on the 25th than 2 nights in split before the sail than off to the amalfi coast after than up through to rome florence and venice and finishing in munich for the first and second day of oktoberfest.


Hey Matt! We will be on the same trip with you – myself (Bethany, 29) and my husband (Jeff, 34). We’re coming from NY. Can’t wait! When are you getting in to Split?


Hey Bethany! Was it you who I spoke to on the app? Unless there’s another Bethany on this trip haha. I arrive in split on the 19th in the morning. What time will you guys be heading to split?


I did NOT talk to you on the app so I guess there are 2 of us! That’s so funny. We are looking at arriving in Split on the 18th, but haven’t booked our flights yet so that could change.


Hi Jaime. Solo traveller here as well, 21 y/o, I will be on this cruise as well and I’m also staying at a Hostel the night before.
Which hostel are you going to stay at? Maybe we could spend the day before together?


I’m staying at Hostel Hotspot.
I’ll arrive there from Zadar.