Croatian Riviera - Split to Split - 19 to 26 Aug 2017


Hello! I’m a 23 y/o Aussie girl from Brisbane taking on my first solo trip to Europe. I will be in Split on the 18th August after completing another Topdeck tour. I will be looking to stay at Split Hostel for the night as I have been told many people stay there. If anyone is doing this tour and will be in Split around the same time, I would be keen to meet up and have a few drinks prior to the tour.


Hi Bronte,

I did the Split to Dubrovnik Adriatic Sunsets on the Nerezine boat. It was an awesome trip. I recommended you land in Split at least 2 days before the trip start and stay in Dubrovnik 2 days after the trip finishes to truly enjoy both cities.



Hey Bronte,

I’m booked to go on this tour :slight_smile: I’m on the Mojo Maja one, is that the one you’re going on?



Hi Nikki!

Sure is the same one as me! Where are you from?



Oh sweet! I’m 22 from Sydney, also doing my first solo adventure to Europe :slight_smile: I’m aiming to get to Split a couple days before the tour starts as well


Awesome! I finish another tour in Italy on 18th August and straight to Split the same day. I’ve booked in at Booze n Snooze Hostel (lol defs owned by Aussies) for that night. Not much time before the trip unfortunately, but after the tour I’m staying an extra couple of days in Split, staying at Downtown Hostel in the city centre. I’ll be heading home on the 28th. :slight_smile:


Nice! Yeah I saw that booze and snooze one and it sounded good, could definitely only be Aussie owned haha. Your trip sounds great! :slight_smile:


Random question, but do you know what type of bag you’re taking? I’m backpacking Europe for about 4 months so will have a large backpack, but I know it says not to take a big bag on board?


Sorry for the late reply! I’m only going to Europe for a month so not nearly as long as you, but like you said we’re limited on the boat. I’m taking a backpack because I know that the streets in Europe are terrible for anything with wheels. I also would rather the mobility of a backpack rather than a suitcase because I don’t want to look vulnerable if I can’t move it around properly.

This is the one I’m looking to buy. I’m going on a bus tour before the sail and they gave us specific dimensions and this one is a tiny bit bigger than the dimensions. I read somewhere that they don’t care too much about dimension, but more about the weight. I’m looking at packing around 12-15kgs so I can fill up when I’m there if I want to.


Oh sweet, I think mine is only slightly larger than that, so fingers crossed that’ll be ok :slight_smile: Yeah backpacks are definitely the way to go, I went to Europe last year on a shorter trip and it’s definitely much easier to get around with the backpack


Hi Girls! I am also going on this trip :slight_smile: Bronte I live in Brisbane as well, we could catch up for a drink if you are keen before the tour! Looking forward to it. Katy


Hi There, all You Beautiful People, I salute you, from whichever country you reside. Pleasure to see you. Am looking to travel on this sailing trip during the month of August. Anyone familiar with when is the best time to book? Any specifics on which sail boat is best? Regadrs