Croatian Riviera Split - Split 16th June - 23rd June 2018!



Will be travelling in a group of 5 girls from Melbourne, Australia. We will be travelling Europe beforehand before the sailing tour.

Hopefully some of you are on here and will see this.
Looking forward to meeting you guys :clinking_glasses::dancer:t4::motor_boat:


Hey I was thinking about this trip also with a buddy of mine! Maybe we could connect on Facebook or something!


I will be in Europe the same time, and probably on the same boat! There are two trips leaving the same day so not sure? Will be in Greece and Iceland beforehand. What are your plans?

If we aren’t on the same trip could be cool to catch up around Europe somewhere!

Have a great trip!


Hi I’m from South Africa, a friend and I are thinking of doing this trip. Which boat have you organised to go on and do you know anyone else on it?