Croatian Riviera Spilt to Split 5-12 August


Hi all, I am doing the Croatian Riviera Spilt to Split 5-12 August traveling solo, who else is doing this? :slight_smile: any other solos? Can’t wait :slight_smile:


I am! also travelling as solo :slight_smile:

Are you on Meridijan?


Hi Cori, I just checked, I’m on the Vapor! Thanks for your reply anyway, hope you have a great trip too :slight_smile:


Im travelling solo on that boat :slight_smile:


Croatian Riviera (Meridijan) Split to Split 2017-05Aug17
I am currently looking at booking on this trip - Solo Traveller

Are you just flying the in the night prior to the tour?


Hi Kim, I’m on the Vapor but tour start date the same but yes I’m flying in the night prior. I’m still yet to book accomm before/after though


Oh cool. Where you from Melissa?
I am looking at accommodation in the next day or two :slight_smile:


Hi Melissa, I’m Amy, I’m doing the spilt to split tour on the Vapour, same date as you and I’m also a solo traveller :slight_smile:


Hi Amy, thanks for saying hi! :slight_smile: oh nice! I wonder if we will be sharing?! You’re the first other solo person I’ve met so far haha. Are you arriving into Split the day prior? I am


Maybe! :blush:I only just booked my trip last minute a week ago, but so excited I did! Yes I’m arriving the night before and staying a day after the tour in split, waiting to get confirmation back from my travel agent, with where I’m staying. Hopefully I’ll know Monday :smile:


So exciting! I’m staying at “Sleep Split” the night prior - bit of an odd hotel name I know! I’m flying in from Barcelona that day and my flight leaves Barca so early at 6.30 in the morning! So I’ll be in Split all day. Will probably have to go into town or something before my room is ready. Do you know where you’re staying yet? What are you doing after the cruise? I’m staying on another night in Split after then next day will take a bus to Dubrovnik to catch a flight to Greece…


I’m staying at hotel Zagreb, I get into split later in the afternoon, the day before :slight_smile: I’m also going to Greece the day after our tour, doing a bus about tour of the islands! Then after that I’ll be going home


I’m also doing a Greece bus about tour starting the day after! Wonder if we are doing the same?!