Croatian Riviera June 4th-11th 2016


Hey guys! My name is Eleni I’m 25 years old, from Canada (Quebec) doing the Croatian Riviera Split-Split from June 4th-June 11th! I’m traveling solo for the first time and was looking forward to meeting new people. I wanted to know who else is going on this awesome trip! My e-mail is or you can add me on facebook --> Eleni Joannides. :grin:


Hey Eleni, I’m Katy from Melbourne Australia. I’m also on this tour & looking forward to it!! See you next week! :slight_smile:


hey katy, i’m from tas and i’m on this trip too! feel free to message me on facebook :slight_smile:


Yay! so exciting!! 2 more sleeps! I’ll add you on FB!! :slight_smile:


Hey y’all, I’m going on this trip in August and wondering what you can tell me about your experience. How was it?! What are some things that we should definitely do, or not do, etc?