Croatian Riviera June 25th '16?


Just wondering if anyone else is doing this sail in June?


See you there, Jamie :sunny:


Oh awesome! Where are you from?


South Africa :slight_smile: How about you? Travelling alone?


Melbourne, Australia :slight_smile: nope I’ll be with my friend. I’m 23 and he’s 26. How about yourself?


Hi i’ll also be on this trip :grin:


Ah, so keen :grin: I’m 24 and two-thirds, travelling solo. Need more Aussie mates in my life.

How about you, @AliseKate?


I’m 25 and from Cambridge, England. I’ll be travelling solo so looking forward to meeting some new people


Ahh so exciting! :smiley: glad we’re all more or less the same age haha. Are you travelling alone Shaun?


Travelling alone, yeah :slight_smile: I’m not 100% sure whether I’m on this trip or the Split-Split one, but hopefully we’ll bump into one another along the way!


This is the Split-Split one haha. Yeah hopefully! :slight_smile:


Hey Everyone, my friend Steph and I will also be on this trip! :smile:


Yay!! Nice to ‘meet’ you haha