Croatian Riviera July 29- Aug 5 2017


Eek sorry when you search that it brings up heaps of places… this is the one. Will be interesting to stay at I think haha but it’s on the beach!


Thanks! This was actually a big help! Yeah we can talk about the national park closer to the date!

I think im going to book the same air bnb for after the trip! Is it close to the Split Airport?


Yep! I think it’s about 10 minutes, and the Air BnB host has offered to take us to the airport :slight_smile:


I’m flying in on the 28th at about 2pm…you guys will have to tell me about the national park! I’ve booked my tour for it, for after the sailing trip on the 7th of August.
I think the national park tour ends up being a full day thing, but maybe when you guys get back, we should have dinner together? Or a few drinks? Either or, would be good to meet you all before the trip! :slight_smile:


Hey Julia! I just booked the same Air BnB as you guys for after the trip!

Charmaine - I don’t know if I will be able to do the National Park before the trip but I would love to get dinner/drinks as well! So let me know!


Hey! Just letting you all know I’m already in Europe! Already 2 weeks into my 7 week trip! :slight_smile:
I know we will all probably meet at the hostel, but if anyone wanted to chat before at all, flick me an email at and I can give ya the number I’m using overseas, or instagram etc! :slight_smile: looking forward to meeting you all, and I’m definitely keen to do dinner/drinks the night before!