Croatian Riviera July 29- Aug 5 2017


Hi Everyone,

My name is Erica, I’m 23 years old and traveling solo from the US. Just wondering if anyone else was booked on this trip? Would love to meet some people before hand!


Hey I’m Charmaine, and I have just booked this trip! I’ll be 26 by the time of the trip and also travelling solo from South Australia. Hoping to arrive in Split the night before but I haven’t figured out my accommodation yet. Do you know where you’ll be staying yet?


Hey! I’m arriving 2 days before and no I haven’t figured out where to stay yet, when I booked the trip it gave me a choice for a “Pre-tour hotel” but I haven’t heard anything yet. Let me know where you decide where to stay!


Im going through a travel agent, and she’s going to look into some options for me - I’ll let you know as soon as I do! I assume I’ll be staying somewhere near the port so it will be easy to get to the boat on the morning we leave! Are you planning on staying in Croatia for a little bit after the sailing trip? Im hoping to head up to the Plitvice Lakes for a night or two - an amazing national park with lakes/waterfalls etc - looks beautiful!


Thank you! and that sounds amazing, but I’m only staying for a day after because I have to go back to work :frowning: So jealous though!


Hey Erica, my friend Sam and I are both booking the 29th July - Aug 5th on the Vapor boat?? We are both 23 from Gold Coast, Australia :slight_smile:


Hey! I will be on the Vapor boat as well! Are you guys going to arrive a few days before?


Nice thoughts I’m very happy to join your group and meet all member.


Hi Paul! Where are you from?


Yep! We arrive in Split on the 27th around lunchtime from Dubrovnik. We were thinking of spending the next day exploring the national park :slight_smile: What are your plans?


I just saw your post mentioning that you’re arriving 2 days before… we have only just started looking at accommodation/hostels so let us know if you spot anything worth sharing!


Hey, my name is Amy, I’m 21 years old but I’ll be 22 when I’m on this trip and travelling from Australia.
I’m going on the Vapor boat as well! :slight_smile:


Hey Julia! I actually had Topdeck book mine for me and they booked me at Hotel Zagreb! Don’t really know much about it but it’s something to look at!


Hey Amy! That’s great to hear! Can’t wait!


Im on the Vapor boat also! Did you guys pay the extra to get on the A+ boats with air con? Or just the normal rooms without aircon? Because now I’m worried my travel agent has put me on the wrong boat!
Ive booked in to stay at the Beach Hostel the night before. Looks pretty basic but all i need is a bed and a shower and i’ll be ok haha. Staying in an AirBnB after the sailing trip though! Looking forward to meeting you all!:grinning::island:


Hey! I tried booking a hotel through TopDeck for a pre/post hotel but it looks like they booked me a little too far away! I may try booking at the Beach Hostel as well! What website did you use to book it?


Hey sorry I’ve only just seen your reply! Busy busy at work! I booked it through Hostel world! I’ll try and copy you the link:!591!3!185485117152!b!!g!!_cat:croatia&source=adwordsmobiledynamicen&network=g&creative=185485117152&adposition=1t1&uniqueclickID=12489129152348224916&sub_keyword=_cat:croatia&sub_ad=b&sub_publisher=ADW&ef_id=VnvlHQAABZgYVwK0:20170411230323:s
That seems really long haha but if it doesn’t work, just look up ‘Beach hostel Split’… It’s a big pink building! :slight_smile:


Thank you! I just booked it! I fly in on the 28th! When do you get in?


Hey! I booked at the same Hostel as Charmaine - the Beach Hostel and then probably getting an Air BnB after the trip! Would love to explore the national parks with you guys the day before the trip though! I arrive on the 28th!


Hi! We booked somewhere already but it looks a bit dodgy… so I think I’ll book the same as you guys haha. We arrive on the 27th so were planning on going up to the national park early on the 28th… I think it’s like a 4 hour bus drive :worried: We can sort that out closer to the date though!

We are flying to Venice the day after the sail so we booked an Air BnB about half way between Split and the airport! It’s called Kastel Stari. There are heaps of rooms left :slight_smile: