Croatian Riviera 27th May-3rd June 2017


Hi everyone! :slight_smile:

My names Cam and am from Australia. I am planning on doing the Croatian Riviera tour solo and am wondering if anyone was planning on doing the same tour? or if anyone has done this tour before what did you think of it?

Cheers and am really excited ! :slight_smile:


I"m also thinking about doing this trip for my birthday!! Which is June 2nd, I would also go solo, from Canada.

I’m a bit concerned it won’t be as hot as I like this time of year though…? Anyone been to Croatia in late may? What are the temps like?


I’ve heard the weather isn’t boiling hot, but it is hot and clear enough for a trip like this!


Sweet! I don’t like boiling hot so that’s great! Mid 20’s are great in my opinion


Gday Cam,

Nice to e-meet a fellow Aussie.

Thought you’d be pleased to know I’m planning on doing the tour and look forward to meeting you as well as fresh, new faces.

I’ve been residing in London last couple of years and looking to start clocking in some travel miles having come off a very long winter season and the sun slow to come out fully :wink:

Cheers Cam.



I believe its around 18-21 degrees which would appear cooler approaching Mediterranean summer time.



Does anyone know the address of the meeting point? all I know is that it is somewhere in split harbour? cheers!! :slight_smile: