Croatia Summer Sail 2018


Hi everyone! I’m looking into booking the Croatia Summer Sail but I just check the group chat and there isn’t any females… Has anyone booked for this trip but simply doesn’t have the app?


Hey! I’m on the 11th-18th trip and don’t have the app. Is that the same one as you?


Yes it is!! No one is really on the app group and I’m kinda scared it only males… :blush:


:blush: I haven’t been able to join the app yet, are you going solo as well?


Yes I am! I just don’t know how many people are going… So I get pretty heavy anxiety since it is my first solo trip :blush:


I’m going solo, I’ve travelled by myself before but it’s always nerve-racking! I’ll be in split a couple of days before the tour so if you wanted to meet for a drink or something before hand, just let me know. My Insta name is my name above ^ but other wise, I’ll see you on the tour :blush:


Add my insta laurenroscetti