Croatia Split to Split 23rd to 30th July


Hey guys,

Booked our trip today!! Keen to find out if who else will be joining us for the sail :slight_smile:

We are two Aussie fellas travelling through UK/Europe. Only a month in atm and loving it!!

Drop us a line and say hi. See you all there!



Hey Chris!

I’m thinking of booking this tour, wasnt sure about it at first as im travelling alone but im looking forward to it now!


Hey Maryanne!

Yeah can’t wait. Croatia is meant to be magic! hope to see you there


That sounds good Chris! Im looking at booking and paying for it today… Getting excited now… Are you on the standard boat or the ensuite one?


mmmm good question. We are on the Novi Dan if that helps? ensuite sounds like the go so i hope thats the one we got!

it’s just getting warm here in England… like 23 degrees… haha bring on some proper Croatian summer and beach!


Haha… the Novi Dan is the boat with the ensuite so looks like you chose the right one! I booked and paid for mine yesterday so im getting very excited now… Cant wait to get out of this cold Melbourne weather and into lots of sun and beach!


Hey Chris! Sorry, another question for you… Are you guys staying overnight in Split? I havent booked my accomodation as yet… Ill be arriving into Split on the 22nd july…


Thanks Chris! Ive added you to facebook… I fly into Split around 3:30 in the afternoon the day before our tour leaves… M :)y travel agent was looking at booking Hotel Atrium for me, its about $165.00 a night though and as far as i know is pretty central to everything but i might suss out a few more places that are close to the harbour and arent as pricey, will let you know how i go… :slight_smile:
Im getting excited now, cant wait!