Croatia Sailing?


Hey,[br]Anyone been on a croatia sailing trip? wats it like? many ppl traveling alone or are ppl in groups? Is it mostly drinking, partying and sunbathing or do u actually get to see stuff and relax a bit… I’m thinking of going on the 8 day sail as a reward for finishing uni for the semester but want to use the time to chill rather then partying too hard and getting sunstroke… so yes… anyone been on a sailing trip before? I’ve been on topdeck before some i’m prepared for a bit of group partying but want to know wat its really like.?.?.?[br][br]Also, i need to decide between croatia sailing and greek island sailing… anyone done both? wat would u reccomend? I know topdeck doesn’t have a specific greek island trip (wish they did!) but they do do some to mykonos… so yes… Plz Help!


Hey missrik[br]I’ve just spotted this tour and it looks awesome. Have you decided whether you are doing it or not? I also want to a greek island sailing trip which I have found on contiki, but its quite expensive.[br][br]Jess


I havn’t done the trip, but being croatian i can offer advice :slight_smile: The islands are all pretty relaxing. the coast is the type of place where u go to eat, relax and sunbake. everybody enjoys a few drinks at night, but its up to you how much u want…its a lot more relaxed then the greek islands where u drink and party hard every night. ooh and makarska is absolutely beautiful! hope this helps :)[br][br]Red Star Special: June 14th, 2009 and Espresso Italia: September 13th, 2009


thanks for the replies everyone… i’m still not sure but the info has been very helpful… its such a tough choice, i wish i could do both… Happy Traveling[br]Rikki