Croatia Sailing VRGADA 21st August 2010


Be good to know if there is anyone else on this trip…: )


Hi. ill be on this trip! im dying to be hitting the sun!


are you travelling by yourself?


is anybody else on this trip?


Literally you will have a great time on this…i did the one on July 19th…your waiters name is Dennis…he is a great guy and loves to serve you drinks and give you shots of this stuff called grappa…i just got off five different tours and this was one of the funner ones…when you see him tell him that Daniel Yenshaw aka TEX says hello…your tour director may be sandra who is a portuguese gal…ill email her and ask her what her schedule is…if you have any questions on this please email me at


Hi! Yes I will be travelling on my own and can’t wait!! Can wait for the sun and sea! The boat is full so hoping for people. Thanks for advice! See you tomorrow x