Croatia Sailing May 22nd 2010


Hi, just wondering if anyone else has booked this trip??


Me too!! :slight_smile: I will actually be in Split by the 20th May. Travelling alone as well so Im a little nervous but excited :slight_smile:


I will be arriving in Spilt on the 21st of May, also travelling alone. Have you booked somewhere to stay in Spilt yet?


Hello I am going too! il arrive on the friday, has anyone got accomodation in split yet?

Laura :slight_smile:



I just booked at Slavija Hotel , it seems nice for the price and is close to everything (I think). I anyone is keen to meet up on the 21st for dinner just send an email. Should be a great trip



I am booked on a later split croatian sailing trip, but a friend of mine owns a hostel there and she is very hospitable…you can go under in split and look for OLD TOWN HOSTEL…very nice place to stay


Hi there, I’m on the same trip too and going solo :slight_smile:

I’m arriving on the 19th in Split. Cath, sounds great to meet up on the 21st! (If you are reading this) At this point I am actually nervous with all that ash hovering the UK airspace…

fingers crossed


Hey Zhen,

I hope you have arrived in Split, I get to Split about 4pm tomorrow if you want to meet up for a drink that would be good (and anyone else reading this). If you know of a place to meet just post it or email (not sure if we can email on here or not).

Enjoy Split