Croatia Sailing July 4th


Is there anyone doing the Croatia Sailing trip on July 4th? I am traveling alone and curious who will be on this trip.[br][br]Also, thoughts on where to fly into? I was planning on flying into Ancona, Italy and taking a ferry into Split.[br][br]:slight_smile: [br][br]Jillian [br]California, US


Hey Jillian![br][br]I’m not on this trip however mine (June 11 European Pioneer)ends up in Croatia July 4th so im guessing our tours might meet! =)[br][br]I’m so excited, I hear Croatia is gorgeous


I’ll be there on the Vrgada- well me and 2 other friends. 2 of us are going to catch the ferry across (the overnight one that gets in on the 4th at 7am).


I’m on the Stoncica, btu I think they all stop at the same places, no?[br][br]I didn’t know there was an overnight ferry! From Ancona? I could only seem to find an 11 am ferry getting in to Split around 4, meaning I would have to get there a night early, making me leave earlier than planned. Where did you book the ferry? This would make things so much easier! [br]


Hey, My girlfriend and i are on the Vrgada. We are flying from london to split. [br]Cant wait to go ive heard good things about this tour. Should be Awesome! [br][br]David[br]Sydney, Australia


Hey, I just booked my flight into Ancona and the overnight Ferry from Ancona to Split. I’m having issues finding a ferry back to Ancona, there doesn’t seem to be the same overnight ferry, and the 5 pm Ferry costs almost 3 times what the overnight ferry does. Anyone else planning on taking the ferry? Which one are you taking?[br][br]8 1/2 weeks left!!![br][br]Thanks![br]Jillian[br]California, US


Not sure about the return trip sorry. I’m flying out from split afterwards back to London (damn expensive!). ANother friend has joined my group so there should be 4 of us travelling together. Looking forward to seeing everyone!


Hey,[br][br]I am doing the same trip however I am doing it in August. I am flying direct to Split from London.[br][br]I am also travelling alone. It sounds so exciting![br][br]Katherine :slight_smile: [br]Brisbane, Australia