Croatia Sailing - Bag + Departure questions


Hi all,

My partner and I are doing the Split to Split sailing tour in August - super excited! Just a couple of questions.

Firstly, we’re travelling round Europe for 2 months so we’ll have large backpacks/suitcases with us. Since we’re sharing a room (so won’t annoy anyone else with our big bags hogging all the space) is this ok? I contacted Topdeck in NZ about this and they said as long as the bags are under 20kg then it’s fine, but I just wanted to check.

Secondly, we’ll be ferrying over to Split on the overnight ferry, getting into Split around 9am. Does anyone know if the port the ferry comes into is in the same area as where the Topdeck boat goes from? If not, could you give me a rough idea of where abouts they are in relation to each other and the best/quickest way to get to the Topdeck boat? We’re travelling with Blueline.