Croatia sailing 4-6-11 dub to dub


Hi going sailing 4/6/11 having to stay in dub on 3/6/11 anyone else doing the same
It’s the dub to dub trip


Hi Kirsty,

I was thinking about doing this trip but can only get flights on Friday 3rd so would also be staying in dubrovnik pre tour, have you got any ideas on what to do for aaccomodation?



Hi. Top deck told me to check To see if could find a place to stay on the fri night. Are you flying from uk on the 3rd?? Just got all my info through from them. Looks fab


Let me know if you find anything and I will try and get into the same. I get into dub on the 3rd at 12.55 in afternoon

Cheers kirsty


Hi Kirsty,

I havnt booked anything yet, im still trying to work out if I can afford it and if it fits in with the rest of my travels for the summer. The flight I was looking at would be from Manchester and its gets in just before yours I think. I had a look at, some decent looking cheap accomodation on there, some have airport transfers aswell! I’ll know what im doing by the middle of next week so i’ll keep you posted.


Hi ya. I was looking too at the hostels and there was one called red dwarf that said did free transfers to the harbour. Looked okay and quite cheap.
That’s cool let me know what you decide next week. I thought it quite expensive but really liked the sound of it so went for it.



Hi Kirsty,

sorry I took so long to get back to you, Im not going to be able to make it now, Im going away in August and cant really afford to do both trips. Anyway, hope you have a great time, Im sure you will.


That’s ok. Hope you have fun. :slight_smile:


Hi Kirsty!
I’m booked onto this trip too! I’m also arriving on the Friday, but not sure what I’m doing about accommodation yet for that first night. I may just leave it til I get there… I don’t really want to be in a shared dorm, but have found a couple of possible little guest houses that are fairly cheap - probably near the harbour rather than the old town so I don’t have to trek across town on Saturday.
My flight gets into Dubrovnik at 10.35am. I’ll have been up for hours… Anyway, just thought I’d say ‘hello’ and maybe we’ll be able to hang out on the Friday?? If not then will see you on the boat!


Hi penny

My flight gets in on the Friday at 12.55. I have booked a room at krile, radnicka 16. I found it on hostel It’s really cheap!! And near the harbour. Yeah would def be up to meet and do something on the Friday.



Hey Kirsty,
Have booked into Krile too! I’ll probably be out and about by the time you arrive but I’ll send you a private message with my phone no (and email) so we can find each other!


That’s great!! Am really starting ti look forward to it
Yeah that sounds like a good way of communicating I can send you mine too

Kirsty x