Croatia Sailing 22 August


Hey,[br][br]I am doing the sailing trip in Croatia. I am travelling alone. Just wondering if anyone is going? or has gone in the past and can give any tips?[br][br]Not sure what sort of luggage to take etc?[br][br]Katherine [br]Brisbane, Australia :slight_smile:


Hey Katherine![br][br]I’m going on the July 4th trip. I’m not planning on bringing much . . . when I get back I’ll let you know how it goes and what I needed and didn’t need![br][br]Only 5 weekd left![br][br]Have fun!


Hey,[br][br]I will be on this trip also. What boat is everyone on? I’m travelling with my flatmate on Vrgada? and our other flatmate is on the Stonica. Should be a good trip![br][br][br]Rob[br]