Croatia Sailing 19th June


Hey Everyone,

I am very close to booking this tour with my girlfriend. We want a boat that will be heaps of fun, have some good characters on it and a good crew with decent facilities… Does anyone recommend a particular boat? how do they each rate and is anyone already booked for these tour dates?

Look forward to hearing from ya!



I have heard that all the boats are the same and it is just the people you end up with…i myself booked the 19th of june already on the category B Senia. All of them leave off at the same time and there is no telling who will be on what boat. I guess just go with whatever boat you like the name of. Also, I would get there a day before like I am. Because the boat leaves off at noon or you can get there the day of and hope you can make it there by when the boat leaves. The cheapest flight I have found which i already booked is an Easy Jet from london Gatwick which was next to nothing and it is a strait shot that leaves from london gatwick at 6 in the morning. If you need further info please let me know. Cheers


Thanks for the info CHAW78, and yes, we are planning to fly into Split on the 18th also on EasyJet :slight_smile: I can’t wait for the cruise so I better get in and book! Most people on this site seem to talk about the Senia, I wonder if that gets booked out first, or if it has the best crew…has anyone been on this boat?


i am gonna fly in on the 17th just to have a full day to look around and get acclimated…i already got my ticket for the morning of the 17th out of gatwick…i have found a pretty good hostel to stay at that a friend of a friend owns in the city, that is kinda near the city center…let me know when you book and everything etc and if you come in on the 17th or 18th and i can direct you to the one i am staying at, or if you already have one you are staying at you can stay there…just let me know…and if you decide on the Senia ship, then we will have some days of fun…look forward to hearing from you



Hi CHAW78 & Stu

I have booked the Croatia sailing tour departing 19 June 2010. I think I am on Category A Stoncica. As it looks like all the boats leave on the same day, hopefully I will see you around!



Hi Everyone,

I have justed booked this tour. Going myself so I am a bit scared, havent really travel by myself so it will be an experience. Looking forward to meeting you all.



Hi Sylvia

Good to see another person going on this trip. Travelling solo is pretty good. I am going solo too. 2009 was my first year of travelling overseas. During the free time on my tours, I either hung around with a group, or just with my allocated room mate, or on some occasions, grabbed a map and wandered around the cities by myself.

See you in 3 months.



What bout is everyone taking on this trip?