Croatia Sailing 12th June, 2010


Just placed a deposit down!

Anyone else travelling on this date?!


Thinking about it ;D
but dont wanna do it solo . . . tryin to convinse }:slight_smile: my friend to come with me if she can take time of work!!! :stuck_out_tongue:



I have now booked and paid for this trip on the Vrgada boat. I’m going solo - slightly scared about this, since I’m going to be in Split for 3 days on my own before the tour starts!

Cannot wait for this trip!!



Hello!! i am going on this trip too!! woohoo can’t wait!! does anyone have facebook? add me
I am booked by myself but i do have 2 other friends who are a couple that will be on it too :slight_smile:


Oh and Katie don’t worry about going by yourself…i am too and will most likely be there a few nights before the trip too. Have you booked accommodation yet? if so where are u staying?


which one are people booked on? i’m planning on booking but dont know which one the senia or the vrgada? :slight_smile: I’m traveling on my own too


Hi Chrissey,
I am on the Vrgada. I’m not really sure the difference between the two as they are both category B boats…but the Vrgada holds more people so i reckon it give you the chance to meet more people and have more fun :slight_smile: