Croatia - Money


My tour goes to Croatia for 3 days, and my bank dosn’t have an affiliated atm there. So what I was thinking of doing is organizing some cash specifically for Croatia before I leave - to avoid annoying fees. My only problem is I’m not sure how much I would need. I do remember reading that things are a fair bit cheaper in Croatia than the rest of Europe. Not really overly interested in doing optionals there. Has anyone been before and could give me some advice? I know its a personal thing but a guide would be great.


hey hey im pretty sure i talked to you about jobs in europe lol. i was in croatia last year and i honestly didnt think it was that cheap. Compared to say paris or berlin it may have been a bit cheap but not as cheap as i was expecting, currently the aud is buying like 5.07 kuna and when we were there small beers were like 12-20 kuna, cocktails were between like 40 - 60 kuna and main meals at restaurants were like 100 kuna. i honestly would just take the money out from an atm, i know the fees are a bit steep but i know mine were only only like 5 bucks each time and rather than carrying cash around, you could always just take a few euros into croatia and change them there as there are heaps of exchange places.
hope that helps a little :slight_smile:


Currently, I also like you, I need an advice for your trip. Hopefully people will help us more because of my trip departure in July.


I did a croatia sailing tour last year, and i thoght that in comparison to other european countries, croatia was a fair bit cheaper. I just took money out of ATMs from my australian debit card and it was fine. I dont know what bank you’re with, but my bank only charged me $2 to take out money.



Take out euros before going to Croatia.
Exchange euros for kuna

If you “sort it out at home before” you will pay probably higher fees than an exchange office. Plus you could lose it.


ATM is a god send