Couples sleeping


Hi there! Myself, my parnter and one of my close friends are thinking of doing the Scandi express trip next year, and we was wondering whats the go with couples sleeping together with hostels? Can we book twin or something? we have never done an overseas trip as was just curious! Thank you in advance!


Generally the sleeping arrangements are set up by genders. If you all book together, you can see if your topdeck agent can arrange a private room for the 3 of you to share. However, most of the rooms are already pre booked with the hostels. For example, on of one of my tours, their were only 6 or 8 bed hostels. And the rest of the hostel were fully booked. So you’d have to split up.


If you are planning on staying at the Hostel, I think you guys have to split up because hostel usually has room that contains like more than 5 people.