Couples on tour


Hi my (will be when we do the tour) husband and I would love to do a tour, however arent sure if it will be suitable for us,
the hotel tours will give us our own room, but its more expensive and not as many days, the club lets us see and do different things yet we may have to share and the camping gives us heaps of time but its camping.
I am thinking that the club is great but I am worried about the accomodation, what is the accomodation like for these tours? how often are you in your rooms?


my husband and i are worried about the same thing.
why is so difficult to find out about these little things and why should it cost us more just because we are a couple.


Hey Guys,
Crysandric…we had Honeymooners on our Tour (well they were 5 years overdue a Honeymoon) and were the oldest couple on Tour. We loved them and pretty sure they had a fabulous time too. I can’t recommend the Euroclub tours enough (although Camping is absolutely hilarious!!), the accommodation is brilliant the maximum sharing for most places is 4 to a room, in Italy it’s 2, Paris/Amsterdam varies depending on room availability. You will be in your to sleep thats it, maybe to get ready for a night out. If you are lucky enough to have another couple on tour you should be able to share with them if need be. My Tour Leader never enforced the same sex sharing rule and we had an even number of guys/girls once the couples had been taken out of the equation.
If you guys get really concerned about accommodation etc email the reservations team, they are great when it comes to answering the nitty gritty questions.
Hope this helps
Christine :smiley: