Couples on EuroHotel


Hey guys i was just wondering if being in a couple on a tour is okay. Mostly asking about the Hotel tours… does everyone mix with you or is it more secluded.
Also is it a fun tour or would we better off going on the mixed Euro tour doing the hostels & hotels?

Any feedback would be great thanks :slight_smile:


My partner and I did the Europe Uncovered hotel tour in July. There were quite a few other couples in our tour group. I thought that everyone mixed really well. Just make sure you’re not sticking to yourself and try to make an effort to talk to everyone :slight_smile:

I chose the hotel tour because I didn’t want to share rooms with anyone else like you have to when doing the hostel style :slight_smile:


Thanks heaps for your help - yeah we are both very social and love meeting new people - i just wanted to make sure that tour would be okay for us to do so!

Sound great i cant wait ;D



My husband and I did the Greek Island Hopper in May and our group was pretty much all couples apart from 3 or 4 ppl who were single.



how do they chose who’s gonna share your twin room in hotel trips? Is there a criterion? i’m afraid this question might be stupid but i really don’t know…


Couples will stay together in a twin room

The single people are usually put together with other same sex traveller. If its an odd number you just get a room to yourself. I don’t think they ever pair a female and male traveller together… well not on the tour i was on.


thanks for all the help! I am glad we will be in our own room together that is why we chose the Hotel one.

Hopefully everyone interacts well together im looking forward to meeting new people!