Couples on euroclub


My partner and I were thinking about doing a EuroHotel as the accomodation is twin based. But now we’re considering of a euroclub tour because its defnitly better for money! But how many couples got to stay together? I have read that topdeck tries to pair up couples with other couples, I probably wouldnt mind that so much… But we’re just wanting to stay in the same room together as we have booked the trip together…Can any couples please help with this crisis… should we just risk it and do a euroblub or pay extra for eurohotel!!!

thanks guys


My husband and I have just booked our Euroclub for next year. I had similar concerns, but my sister did a Euroclub this year and said the couples in her group were never seperated, they just shared with other couples. Going through the forums I found it was pretty much the same story mostly, the only mention I found was of a hostel in Munich where couples had to go in single sex dorms- and that post may have been a few years old. I think it can potentially happen, but for the most part you will be together.

We decided we would rather have a longer trip and see more places since we have a limited budget, and I think it will be heaps of fun!


Thanks hepas for the reply! Im thinking we probably will sway more to euro club, its seems like you get more of your moneys worth.
thanks again


hey guys,
I travelled solo on my EuroClub trip, but there were a few couples on my tour. For most of the trip they paired up couples and put them in the same dorm room, I think there was only once or twice when they were separated due to the hostel having strict single sex room restrictions. I’m sure if you speak with your agent or message Topdeck directly before your tour, they will try their best to accommodate you. I think you definitely get more value for your money on the hostels tour - and on the odd occasion you don’t get to stay with your partner that one evening, you will have the whole day to hang out anyway! Hope this info helps with your decision :slight_smile:


Hi Guys,
My Partner and I joined the Euroclub European Pioneer departing June the 16th and are hoping for other couples on the tour. We had the same sort of concerns about being separated but at the end of the day the cost won out and if we cant be together at least we’ll get more time to meet all the other people on our tour and we figured that we’ll have a great time irregardless :slight_smile:


hey guys!

me and my partner recently booked a euroclub trip (european getaway) departing june 4 =)

let me know if any other couples are looking into doing this same tour. :slight_smile:


Hey Aussie Chick,
My husband and i have booked the same tour as you, im pleased to know there are other couples going on this trip as well :slight_smile:


Hey Aussie Girl11 =)

Thats great to hear :stuck_out_tongue: i cant wait for the trip it looks great, if you dont mind me asking where in australia do live? im in the ACT :slight_smile: seems like there is a few aussie going on this trip. :slight_smile:


Hey Aussie Chick,
We are about 2 hours from Melbourne, in country Victoria. Extremly excited about this trip and counting down the days. Should be great!


Hey Aussiegirl11
That makes 2 of us :slight_smile: are you staying at the clink hostel before the tour?
i will be there for 3 nights before the tours


Hi Aussie Chick,
We will be in London for 4 days before the tour, we havent booked accommodation yet because my sister in law is living over there so we are hoping to stay with her but if not we will most likely stay at the Clink Hostel provided there are rooms left. I imagine it would book out quickly.


Hey Aussie Girl,

yes id defiantly say the clink hostel would be booked up now! they have a travelodge right next door that might be worth looking into if you do need accom.
look forward to meeting you. Not long now :slight_smile:


Aussie Chick

Thanks for that, we will definatley have to look into the accommodation side of things this week. Im counting down the days and looking forward to meeting everyone as well.



Hi guys,

I replied to this before our trip, and we have now just got back. My husband and I were only separated 4 of 16 nights. They were all in a row on the first week though, which had me a little worried, but it was fine in the end! Having a few nights in the single sex dorms also gave us a chance to get to know the other people on the tour more (people seem to be scared of couples for some reason (??)) which is good because it’s the other people around you that make the tour what it is.

Also the campsites in Venice and Rome on our trip were twin share - I don’t know if that’s always the case but it was a nice surprise for us!

You guys are all going to have the BEST time!!!