Couples on Euroclub trips?


Hi There,

Just a question for some of the seasoned top deck travelers.

My girlfriend and I are just about to book a couple of top deck trips. Both trips we are looking at are Euro Club trips. We’ve both traveled with Contiki before on Concept tours and on those they will generally allow couple to share a room (2 couples per room in most cases). Does top deck do it this way to? or would we need to do the whole “boy cabin, girl cabin” thing?

We’ve mainly chosen Euroclub due to the actual trip locations, rather than the hotel style, and having done contiki before are comfortable sleeping in cabins and hostels…




Hi Trent,

I had asked this question not so long ago.
And the response I got was it depends on the people on the tour, and if it is possible to be with your partner then they would allow it, providing that another couple wouldnt mind sharing as well.
However this can not be guaranteed.
If that all makes sense and helps.


Hi Trent,

Last year I did the Euro Club 20 day European Getaway and we had a couple on our tour.
There was one time that the couple had to get split up, one time that they got a room by themselves (in Nice) and the rest of the time they had to share with one other member. The rooms had bunks also except for Nice where the couple got the queen bed. I remember our tour guide asking the third person if they minded sharing in a multi-sex room, of course no one did but from memory that third person was usually a male.

But whenever our tour guide could manage it, she tried her hardest for the couple to stay together in the same room.

Hope this answers your question.



Thanks for the responses… sort of what we expected…


Hey there,

I did a Euroclub trip this year and we were lucky enough to have 4 couples on the tour. In most places we shared with another couple, though through Italy everyone was in twin share cabins so we got to be by ourselves. The only place that my bf and I weren’t together was in Nice because with the rooms our group had allocated it was necessary for one couple to split so we took one for the team!


Hi Trent what tours are you doing? My hubby and I are dping a euroclub tour too next year but in April.


Just to throw this out there, EuroHotel trips…, will it be more than one couple to a room?


Hey all,

Our EuroHotel
trips offer private twin-share accommodation :slight_smile:

Topdeck Team


admin - the problem is the range of “EuroHotel” trips isn’t as great as the Euroclub trips… for me and my partner we were more looking at the places we wanted to go rather than the type of accommodation… there was one that was similar to one of the trips we are doing, but the dates didn’t match up for our second tour… for the younger travelers i’m sure the cost would be an issue too…

kristenb84 - we are doing Western Spirit and Olympic link, making our own way from Rome to Athens… starting late September 2012…