Couples on EuroClub tour


My boyfriend & I are considering changing from a EuroHotel tour to a EuroClub tour of 28 days.[br][br]If any other couples have done a EuroClub tour could you provide some insight into how it was? Do you spend every night in seperate dorms or is it just in certain destinations?[br][br]Thx!


Hey Oz Girl,[br]My hubby and I did a hotel tour and were thinking of doing the euroclub and in the end were glad we didn’t. Our tour met up with euroclub tours during our tour and we didn’t see many couples on the tours, in one case we heard that a couple had broke up a few dys into it although I don’t imagine that always happens. [br]Having hotel rooms was nice coz you spent all day and evening with your tour mates and being alone together in your room was pretty much the only alone time you got together. I guess if your planning on breaking from the group during the day and doing your own thing then it wouldn’t be such a big deal.[br]I hope that is helpful.[br]Lisa


G’day Oz_girl. [br][br]My girlfriend and I are going on a 24 day EuroClub tour in August 08. I was a bit concerned about this at first but i wouldn’t sweat about it too much…your trip will be what you make of it! [br][br]Topdeck tours seem to have a good amount of free time so there will be plenty of time to be alone with your man.[br][br]Ando[br][br]Spirit of Europe[br]5 August 2008


Hey,[br]Same thing with my boyfriend and I. We booked on the euroclub tour in August and I later realised its seperate sex dorms for some of it… I’m hoping to see if there are any other couples there, and work out some way of swapping into a 4-room (I think thats the smallest room there is).[br]I’m hoping it will work out! From wednesday, the only time I will see him this summer is for the holiday (its a long-distance relationship) so I’m really hoping we’ll get some time alone. But if not, I’m sure we’ll still both have a fantastic holiday![br]Have a great trip everyone :slight_smile:


Hey, my Fiancee and I did the Euroclub European Wonder tour last year and had the BEST time. dont let the single sex thing put you off coz it doesnt really work like that. mostly we had a room to ourselves or we had to share with one other couple. You do have to sleep in bunkbeds tho, but a few of the destinations we got double beds. [br][br]I would definetely reccomend a Euroclub tour to any other couple!!![br][br]Sarah


Hi, my husband and I did the Western Spirit (Spirit of Europe) Euroclub tour at the end of May and we were fine. We had the best time and made some amazing friends. Our bus was only half full so we all had our own row of seats. When we first drove from the Globetrotter to Dover, I asked my husband to sit in a different row- that way people wouldn’t feel nervous about talking to us and “bothering us”. That was the best decision b/c people got to know us as individuals rather than just a couple. We were separated in Paris only but that was fine. I am the closest to the girls I roomed there with. In all the other cities, they had 3 to every room but one double. We got preference for the double. In Rome, people switched (they volunteered) so we could room together. Don’t let it get you nervous. It was fine and I loved the Euroclub tour.[br][br]San Diego, CA[br]Western Spirit[br]April 15-April 24