Couch Surfing and hostels in Athens


Hey everyone.[br][br]I’m doing the London to Athens trip and just wondering if anyone has done couch surfing and what they think about it?[br][br]Also, does anyone know of any reasonable hostels in Athens, or the one that we stay at when we go there?[br][br]Thanks :slight_smile: [br][br][br][br]London to Athens - part of Mega European[br]August 30 2009


Hi Sarah, I interviewed a girl who couch surfed her way through Europe, you can read it here she said most people were super cool but others were a wee bit odd…Takes all sorts I guess…But its not like you just go to anyone you would talk first and get to know them through the feedback otehr people give. Bets paying for accom I guess lol.[br][br]Good Luck[br][br]follow on the topdeck ‘spirit of Europe’ tour August 4th 2009