To many of my good friends I am known as the funny clumsy one, to everyone else that sees my daily disasters of clumsiness I’m just the idiot falling over. We were exactly half way through our 36 day Top Deck camping tour around Europe, and all my fellow travellers were already very aware by now of my clumsiness. We had just finished three days of sailing around the gorgeous Greek islands and had just “parked”, for want of a better word, our boat into the final harbour. Although sad to have ended this section of the tour, I got slightly over excited to be able to go and buy chocolate (cookies to be exact) that I had been deprived of for 3 days. Purchase made, I rushed back to the boat to share them with everybody and as I was not so carefully walking across the gang plank my flip-flop broke and my foot twisted sideways. I lost my balance and before I knew it, I was plunging down in to the surprisingly warm, but not so clean harbour water. I finally resurfaced after what felt like a very long time of trying to swim back up, to find myself surrounded by the rest of the Top Deck group and many concerned locals, must have made quite a splash! My first response was not to save my wallet that was in my pocket (leading to my coins going rusty and the loss of a few notes) or to try and get myself out, but to shout “SAVE THE COOKIES” and pass the packet, still firmly clutched in my hand, to the nearest person to be saved. After then being pulled out of the harbour by two very strong people on my tour, I scraped my mostly bare legs (wearing quite shorts shorts) against the pebble dash walls of the harbour and therefore ended up stood in a puddle of blood in the middle of a tiny Greek village. I wasn’t that upset about the blood or the fact that I had just had a shower… I was still more concerned about asking after the cookies, which it turned out were absolutely fine and I then ate in shock whilst being patched up and laughing a lot about the whole incident!