Confirm a 'non guaranteed' tour is going ahead


I’ll be on the Essential Europe (12 day) tour departing 21 June 2011, is there a part of the site that can confirm the tour is going ahead?

Or can someone confirm the tour is going ahead. Or is it true that because there hasn’t been any cancellation notice then it is going ahead.


  • Nick :slight_smile:


Hi Nick,

You’ll find the latest trip availability and status for the Essential Europe online at

To clarify ‘On request’ normally means that the trip is nearly full or close to the departure so we need to contact our suppliers before we can confirm any more bookings on this date. If a trip shows as ‘available’, it is on sale but not yet a guaranteed departure - of course as more people book onto these trips we are able to guarantee them, and very rarely do we have to cancel a tour (especially during the peak season when most of our trips get sold out!). ‘Guaranteed departure’ means that we have guaranteed it will go ahead.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Happy Travels,
Topdeck Team


Thanks for the link, will my tour departing 21st June change from ‘On Request’ to a confirmed status anytime soon?


If it’s ‘on request’ it is confirmed, it means that there are not many spots left and you need to call Topdeck to book a spot


Hi Nick,

Please see our post above.