Concern re couple accommodation!


Hi All[br][br]Just in the process of booking Spirit of Europe October 2008.[br]Interested in finding out from people who have travelled in a couple on Topdeck Euroclub Tours… Did you stay together, or were you split up? [br][br]We have been told by the Topdeck reservations team that myself and my boyfriend maybe seperated during the tour due to male/female segregrated rooms. I dont mind if this will only be a few nights, but not for half the tour! ::slight_smile: [br][br]Thank you!


It depends on the number of guys on the tour. If there aren’t enough guys to fill up a complete room and the places you are staying at do not have a lot of flexibility, there is a chance you’ll get split up.[br][br]It is much more likely that you and your partner will have others in the same room as you, often they will try put two couples in the same room.


Thanks Merv! We have been told the same thing that it will depend on the mix of people on our tour… might be a good thing to have some nights apart after 24 days! Lol :p[br][br]If anyone else has travelled in a couple and has any good tips or info please post!


hey guys, [br]I am travelling with my boyfriend this July on a Euroclub tour and sent off an email just asking them the chance of being separated and this is the reply that i got :D…(Topdeck are awesome and very fast in getting back to enquiries)[br][br]“Our Euroclub trips are based on single-sex multi-share accommodation so you should probably be prepared to sleep in separate rooms. In saying this, sometimes we can accommodate mixed rooms (depending on a number of factors such as other passengers, the accommodation providers etc?) but if you plan to be in separate rooms there will be no disappointments! I am sure your trip leader will do everything possible to help you guys with any requests you might have so just let him/her know that you would prefer to be in the same room if possible”.[br][br]So not too bad really, the most you can do it ask and just be prepared that you may not always be sleeping in the same room!! …[br]From what i hear you don’t really sleep all that much on tour anyway haha so it shouldn’t be to much of prob!![br][br][br]J :)[br]