me and my boyfriend are thinking about doing a concept tour next year. On most tours it says same sex share accommadation, whats the go. would it be possible to just share with boyfriend.


Hi there

I think you may be referring to one of our EuroClub trips. On these trips we have multishare accommodation that is advertised as same sex sharing. But we do always try to accommodate all couples on these specific trips.

Several of the locations are twin rooms so you will be able to share with your boyfriend and for any multishare rooms we usually try and put couples together. As long as everyone is comfortable with the set up there is usually no problem

Hope this helps!

Topdeck Team


I had the same problem when picking which tour to do, N when i found one it was a euroclub tour, then I realised you have to share rooms with other people(multi-share) N u may not always be with your partner. So then we went to the eurohotel options which are twin based. Its ashame becoz the tour we wanted to do in the euroclub visited more places,had more meals included, and was alot cheaper. But I understand that sharing rooms is a way to cut cost for us. But I dont mind if i have to spend that little bit more as I am pretty private N would like to just share a room with my partner.


i have done the hotel bravo italia last year and wanted to see more of eastern europe and the concept has what we want.its just a shame that we cant share that will prob sway my judgment.


I am in the same situation, but I asked my sister who did a Euroclub trip last year and she said the couples in her tours managed to stay together for the whole trip


I just came back from doing a EuroClub (Red Star Special) All of the couples on our tour got to share with each other all the time, but on the nights that the cabins were for four people, they had to share with another couple. Hope this helps!