Competition closing 15th September!


Come on guys, last few days of our fab Blog, Photo and Video competition![br][br]Best Blog wins ?500[br]Best Photo wins ?250[br]Best Video wins ?250[br][br]How it works:[br]Write a travel blog about your Topdeck trip and post it on any of the travel blog websites out there on the web eg.,, or any other blogging websites.[br][br]Post your photos and videos taken on your Topdeck trip on any of the photo and video sharing websites around e.g.,[br][br]Tag your images, videos and blogs with “Topdeck”[br]E-mail us at with the link to your blog, photo or video as well as your name and contact details and the details of the trip you went on (trip name and departure date)[br][br]If we like it we will post your link on a special page on our website and the best blogs, photo and video will take home the cash - easy!!![br][br]The competition is open to anyone who has travelled with us since the start of 2006 and the entries close on 15th September 2007.[br][br]Send us those pix/videos/blog links & win some travelling cash!!!