Comparison between Topdeck and Contiki


Hey all,[br][br]Are Topdeck tours similar to Contiki, in that there is a lot of drinking and picking up? I heard even the tour guides get into it and are encouraged to make sure people go out and drink. [br][br]Don’t get the wrong impression - like most Australians I’m always up for a drink or two and I know that of course with young people, there will be lots of drinking and hooking up. But I guess I’m more interested in meeting like minded people and enjoying travelling without a hangover every day and without the pressure of having to drink all night or having sleazy guys constantly on the prowl. [br][br]I’m thinking of doing the Russian Revelation tour so it might be different as it’s not a full European tour but just thought I’d ask.[br][br]Thanks


Hey - I agree with you. I have been trying to find out the same info (Contiki vs Topdeck) but haven’t had much luck. It seems they are both much the same. I’m thinking of doing the full European tour, and like you, I want to have fun, but am not looking for a pub crawl/bonk fest around Europe…decisions decisions!


Hello,[br][br]I went on the European getaway tour in the fall of 2005. No one seems to actually help people on this forum… so every once in a while I come on and see what I can do![br][br]Having not been on Contiki, I can’t make a direct comparison… although I can tell you from my experience that you are more than free to do whatever you want to do with Top Deck. I’m not a huge drinker at all… and I did have my few big nights, although for the most part we just all had a lot of fun! If you want to go and party, all the power too you, although if you wanted to stay downtown all night and explore, you can do that too![br][br]I think it depends on the group of people that you get more than the tour leaders. The group was big enough, and you had enough atonomy… that anything was possible![br][br]I found this link, and it helped me to decide to go with Top Deck:[br][br][br]Don’t worry about it though… you’ll have a great time no matter what you decide to do![br][br]Hope this helped,[br][br]Aaron


Hi there,[br][br]I’m booked on the Mega European later in the year, and the drink/bonk fest thing and putting up with sleazy guys was something I kinda thought about too. I’ve heard about the Contiki thing too, and wondered if Topdeck would be like it. I assumed so but kinda took the view that if some of them want to play musical beds etc they can, but I don’t have to. I’m just kinda wanting to see as much of the world as I can, and the tour I’m on will hopefully take me to a lot of places I’ve always wanted to see. I’m not a huge drinker anymore either, which means I’ll probably be seen as the boring one by some, you know the drill, “if you don’t drink there must be something wrong with you”, but honestly, I don’t care, cos I’ll still have an amazing time. The trip will be whatever you make of it, you don’t have to follow like a sheep, so my advice is just go and do whatever YOU want to do cos you may not get to some of the places again.


I replyed to the same message on the forum called Russian Revelations but have cut it to this forum as more people seem to be looking and replying on this one. [br][br]I did the Russian Revelations tour in Sept 04. I had a brilliant time. Russia was so different that it was amazing to experience it. I also really liked Warsaw. [br][br]I have never done a Contiki tour but others in the group had and they discussed it a few times. From there discussions i concluded that they liked the Topdeck tours more. I felt that there was lots of like minded people in my group. [br][br]I suppose it depends on the group of people that you have on the trip. On my trip there were a few party animals who went out all the time but i never felt that i had to go out and drink if i didnt want to![br][br]Good hint, Vodka is v cheap out there though. [br][br]Hope you decide to do the trip as you will have a great time! [br][br]Hope this helps [br][br]lweasel


Hi.[br][br]From What I have heard about Contiki. A friend of mine from work knows a lady who works on one of the Islands of the Queensland coasts that Contiki go to. She said that the cleaners HATE cleaning the rooms etc after a Contiki bus has gone through. Because there is rubbish everywhere, used condoms lying over the place, in the public showers, buy the pools etc. So that might give you a bit of an idea what it is like. [br][br]Also maybe try to plan your hoilday when the australian Uni’s are back at Uni. When there hoildays aren’t on. You will probably get a more working class type older more mature bunch of people travelling. Not a bunch of young dick heads who think they can hold there booze and thing there gods gift to women/men. Well Maybe. [br][br]Take care. May your dreams and wishes come true…[br][br][br]shaun chilton