Cold on camping tours in May?


Hi! For those of you who have been on a Europe camping tour in spring & autumn… how were the nights? Was a normal sleeping bag alright or do you wish you had brought a warmer one? [br][br]Just wondering if the extra 100 grams for a warmer one is worth the extra degrees…


No one can 100% predict the weather, but that time last year it was still cool in some places and hot in others, it’s the weather, as a possible solution to your problem/question, you might want to get a low temp rated sleeping bag and a sleeping bag liner, you can use the liner on its own when it gets hot and use it inside your sleeping bag when it’s cold.[br][br]May not be the best or correct solution, just a possible cure so to speak.[br][br]Think of it this way, if it’s really cold you can’t get any warmer than what you have, if it gets too warm, you can always get cooler by unziping or simply sleep on top of your sleeping bag (that’s when a liner is handy).[br][br]For more info check out my posting in any1 doing mega european 30 mar?[br][br]and/or check out[br]the staff at my local store are pretty switched on when it comes to cold weather gear.[br][br]-From one of the Friendly Topdeck Road Crew to You.[br][br]“I Hope that I have helped you!”[br][br]Note: The information posted by myself is my own opinion and not necessarily that of Topdeck.