Coastal Roam/Summer Compass 2nd July 2017


Hello! I’m Georgia, 20 years old, travelling solo from Melbourne and I’ve just booked my first ever Topdeck Tour for next Summer in Europe! :grin:

I’m looking for anyone else who is going on the Coastal Roam tour from 2nd July to 18th July or the full version (Summer Compass).
It sounds INCREDIBLE, but it’s not guaranteed yet and I don’t know how quickly it will fill up.
The 10% discount for Europe is on until 15th December
So someone please book and come enjoy wine tasting in France, tapas in Spain and gelato in Italy with me!
Hit me up if you’re already on this trip :slight_smile:


Hi Georgia!

I booked this trip a while ago on a crazy whim, so I really hope the trip gets guaranteed. I’m 20 as well, from Perth, and this is my second Topdeck in Europe, but I only did Eastern Europe last time, so I’m so excited for this trip!

Fingers crossed!

Liv xx


Hi guys! :smiley:
I’m booking the Summer Compass in the next few months on the same date! I’m 19 and also from Perth!
I am travelling solo so I’m kind of hoping to make friends before hand so i am not so lonely on our trip.

Soph x


I remember worrying about the same thing the first time I travelled, but there are always so many people travelling by themselves, you’ve got nothing to worry about! Given we’re both from Perth there’s a good chance I already know you anyway haha :joy:


Hello to you both! Our trip is guaranteed now - I’m so excited it can’t come soon enough! We will have the best time I’m sure :grin:


Hi Guys,

I know no one has written on this since last year, but I booked in January and have been trying to find a group on Facebook but couldn’t find one. Im doing the Summer Compass, 2nd July 2017. Also first time doing Europe. Hoping to meet some people before the actual trip! haha.

Bree x



Im also on the Summer Compass trip for the 2nd of July! Solo traveler from Sydney! Also first time doing Europe! There seems to be a lot of us in the same situation :grin: Im so excited less than two months to go!

Indiana x


Hey guys,
Just discovered there’s a topdeck app so I’m going to post a message in discussion on there for anyone who wants to meet up before