Coast to Vegas!


Hi, anyone on this tour starting in May? The 7th-15th?


Nope but I am doing the American Dream from the 7th May. First time visiting the USA, excited!! Have you booked the coast to Vegas?


Hey :grinning:
I booked the Coast to the Bay tour starting on May 7th
Saw you two on the Topdeck app before in the group chat section so we‘ll start together :smiley:
It‘s also the first time in the usa for me, super excited too!


Yes I’m booked for the Coast to Vegas.


I almost did the Coast to the bay tour, but I’ll be on the Coast to Vegas. I live in the states already, I just wanted a different experience. Are you traveling solo?


Oh awesome!! We must be starting our tour together as we are in the same group app thing. I will be travelling solo. How about you?


Hey Brodi, awesome!! I think we will be on this tour together as well for the start!! It’s my first time in the states, are you travelling solo?


@Syl16 @Jess1093
Yes I’ll be travelling solo. First time USA plus first time solo travel for me.
I’m from Germany btw :de:


Oh awesome!! I will be travelling from Australia! :grin: