Coast to the Bay October 16 - 29 2016!


Heeyy, is anyone going on this tour or thinking of it? :grin:
I’ll be coming from Melbourne Aus, and would love to meet in Hollywood or somewhere close to downtown where we depart, the day or night before! :sunglasses:

Facebook/Topdeck App groups, hollerrr. :grinning: Super duper keen for this!



Hey i am doing this trip i am flying in from brisbane on the 14th


Hey, I’m also doing this trip!
I wil be flying into LA on the 13th :grinning: can not wait


Hey Robert and Alina! Great to hear from you both! :grin: I’ll be getting in to LA on the 15th in the morning unfortunately wish it was earlier… Where did you guys book your nights before? The place we’re starting from is apparently pretty dear so I’m gonna grab a hostel somewhere nearby for Sat night. Getting really close now… :astonished::airplane: cannot wait either!!


Hi guys, I am as well!! Coming from Adelaide, I will be there from the 13th, staying a few nights in Venice beach. Cannot wait guys :slight_smile: xxxx


Hey love, where abouts are you staying? I’ll be in on the 13th also :slight_smile: x


Hey i am staying at the hotel were we leave from. I am heading to Universal studio on the 15th if you guys are keen. Ellen i am keen to head to venice beach on the 14th maybe we could meet up there.


Hey girl, I’m staying at Hollywood historic hotel!
Keen to go to universal studio, Hollywood walk of fame and Venice Beach and a few other things if I get time :slight_smile:


Sweet guys!! Howdy Elle! :grinning: So i’m staying in Downtown closeby our departure hotel the night before. If anyone wants to meet up on the 15th somewhere during the day or at night for pre tour hangs, just give a yell on here I guess sometime before! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Hey guys, I’m flying out of Brisbane on the 15th! so excited!! :smiley:
Just out of curiosity is anyone else under 21?