Coast to the bay LA to SF departing 23rd July '17


Hey all, was just wondering if anyone else had booked onto this tour yet???



Hey Yasmin! Yep myself and my partner and 2 friends have booked this trip, we’re all about 25. Are you travelling by yourself?


Hey Amanda, oh cool that’s sounds great! I’m 22. Yeah I’m travelling alone, where are you guys from?


Oh awesome good on you! We’re from Brisbane in Australia. How about you?


Oh cool! I’m from England, I live approx 45 mins from London. Is this tour the only one you are doing?


Oh okay nice! Yeah this the only tour we’re doing on our trip. After Topdeck we’re heading to New York for a dew days and then down to Mexico for a week before flying home. How about you?


Oh wow sounds good! I went to Mexico last year and it was amazing! Yeah I’m doing a 3 week tour from New York to LA before ours and a 2 week tour around the east coast after, I’ve tried to do it all in one trip haha


Oh cool where did you go in Mexico? Oh wow you’re really smashing it out in one go! That’s awesome


Hi! I haven’t booked yet but i think I’m about to, so its great to know theres other solo travellers around my age in the group. I’m from Australia :slight_smile: