Coast to the bay departing 2nd April 2017


Hey people!
I’m a 23 yo female from Australia.
This will be my first big overseas trip on my own and getting pretty excited abd slightly nervous.
I just thought I’d come on here to see if I can find anyone on my tour. And maybe get to know you a little bit.
Also I’m really into cirque du soleil and hoping to find someone else who might like to go too! I’ve also thought about going to see the magic mike show if anyone is interested.


Best of luck and enjoy you trip with fun. If you are visit in London then coach tours help you.


I have booked on to the tour this week, like you slightly nervous as first trip on my own but excited too. I am a 29 year old from England. I’ve heard Cirque is amazing and would be interested in going to see it. What day do you arrive in LA?


I am 22, turning 23 on the tour. I am from Australia (Gold Coast) and this is also my first big overseas tour by myself. I am super exciting! Woohoo :slight_smile:


Hey Bridget,
Amazing you get to spend your birthday on tour! I arrive in LA on the 1st and staying at the hotel they pick us up from. When do you arrive in LA? Not long now :slight_smile:


Hey! I know! Super excited :slight_smile: I arrive on the 1st as well and am staying at the hotel they are picking us up from. I fly into LA about 3pm so should be at hotel sometime after that.


My flight should get in around half 1. It would be good to try arrange to meet later on at the hotel. I’m just looking at booking tickets for Alcatraz for our free day in San Fran :slight_smile:. Are you finishing the tour in San Fran or are you heading back to LA?


Yeah sounds good! i looked at booking tickets but it seemed like they were all sold out. I am finishing in San Fran and I leave to come home that night. My flight is at 9:30pm or something like that. Are you staying longer in San Fran or going home the last day?


I was looking on this site I think a lot of the early times have sold out. I am heading back to LA on the bus as I don’t fly home until late on the 16th so get a day or so extra.


Yes I looked at that and there weren’t any. aw very nice! That sounds good. Maybe reply to this message on the day and when i check in we can meet up :slight_smile:


Yes I will send a message on here once I am at the hotel and can arrange to meet. 12 days! :slight_smile:


Hey girls ! I’m a 24 year old from Canberra, Australia :slight_smile: I’m on this tour with two of my friends, we are staying at the hotel the night before! Keen to meet up. We get into LA on the 1st April early morning. Soo excited. We are also wanting to go to Alcatraz :call_me_hand:t3:


Hi, I am at the hotel, let us know when you are checked in :slight_smile:


I am checked me. Me and one of the they girls are going to get dinner shortly if you want to join?


Cool, have you downloaded the app as there is a group chat on there and some of the others were saying about getting dinner too. What time you thinking of heading out?


Hey I’ve been struggling to get into the app, I’m here and looking for someone to hang out with.


Hey Zoe, I’m just on way to the lobby to grab a drink if you want to meet?


Hey I’m up for a drink, I’m in the lobby


Hey, my doing this tour in June, was just wondering how you guys have found it and do you have any tips/advice on anything and everything :slight_smile: thanks.